Diamond Engagement Ring – In medievalItaly, precious stones were seen as part of the groom’s payment for the bride.  The groom would give a gift of such stones, which symbolized his intent to marry. Image From Pinterest – COME PIN WITH US! https://www.pinterest.com/vbelleweddings/

Giving of the Bride away – Back when a daughter was considered her father’s possession, some formal transfer was necessary during the wedding ritual.  Today, the custom symbolizes the parents’ acceptance of the bride’s passage from child to adult and a sign of their blessing of her marriage to her chosen groom.

“Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something Blue” – The old is to stand for a bride’s ties to her past; the new represents her hope for the future; the borrowed means friendship; and the blue is for faithfulness.  These things are only significant symbolically, but try to get a bride to the altar without them.

The Veil – Veils were originally meant to symbolize the virgin bride’s innocence and modesty.  These days, our society considers the veil a purely romantic custom.  However, in parts of the Middle East and Asia, the veil is still used to completely hide the bride’s face.  The first lace veil is said to have been worn by a woman named Nelly Curtis, George Washington’s adopted daughter, who married one of his aides.  Apparently, the first time the aide ever saw her, she was behind a lace curtain.  He was mesmerized by her beauty.  Nelly, the story goes, made a lace veil for the ceremony in an effort to duplicate the effect.