Victoria Belle Mansion had a beautiful design at January’s Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta! We talked with Vickie Brown to get a behind the scenes tour.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your design.

On a quiet, lazy afternoon I was perusing Pinterest and found a photo which caught my eye–an empty, lonely room in a large estate home. The green patina on the walls and columns created a striking design, and hence Victoria Belle’s 2016 booth inspiration was born! The architectural elements and the Hollywood Regency era influence provided the spark we needed to bring together the colors, textures, shapes and decor.

The design research started with pinpointing industry trends in color palettes and themes. After the “big picture” was envisioned, the development stage of the design concept began. Each item was fashioned piece by piece, carefully taking into account the impact each element’s contribution to the overall presentation of the booth would serve.

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