Departure Vehicles: It’s not over ‘til it’s over

The last part of your wedding day is your departure from your venue.  Don’t disappoint by falling short on the wow factor when you get ready to take off for your honeymoon.  There are numerous options for putting on a fabulous departure for your guests to “ooh” & “aah” over.

The wedding couple can use their own car. You can rent a limousine with a driver.  You can contract a car of your choice from a vintage car company.  How about a motorcycle or an ATV?  I truly jaw-dropping display would be a horse & carriage departure.

At Victoria Belle Mansion & Vintage White Barn we have several vendors that specialize in departure vehicles.  We can contract with vintage car companies, limousine companies, and horse & carriage drivers.

If you are interested in obtaining a vintage car, you may consider asking family members and friends for the names of people who own a special car.  You never know who may be holding a golden oldie in their workshop or garage.

Once you decide on the vehicle you will use to depart from your wedding/reception, you can move on to designing & customizing the look of your vehicle.  The possibilities are limitless. You can carry the theme and colors of your wedding/reception on to your departure vehicle.  Your departure vehicle can reflect your hobbies or your marriage proposal highlights.  One couple got engaged at the golf course, so their departure vehicle was a decorated golf cart.  Another couple enjoyed their annual family reunions at Disney World so the perfect departure vehicle for them was the horse-drawn Cinderella carriage.

If you decide to use your own personal vehicle there are lots of options available to make your car unique.  There are customized vinyl clings, magnets, banners, and flags that can easily be used to decorate your vehicle.  If you are borrowing or renting your departure vehicle, make sure you following the guidelines for decorating the vehicle.  The car rental company may not return your damage deposit if you do not adhere to the decorating guidelines.