the perfect color palette for your wedding.

You’ll want to have a palette of 3 to 4 colors.

1st color will be a Neutral Color  |  2nd an Accent Color  |  3rd a Metallic  |  4th other optional accent color



  • What time of year are you getting married? SPRING | SUMMER | FALL | WINTER
    Below you can view Vbelle past weddings by season.

Nuetral Color

  • What color will  your wedding attire be? ex. ivory, white or other
  • What color will the grooms attire be? ex. grey, charcoal, black etc…

Metallic Accent

  • Are you a Gold, Silver, Pewter, Copper or Rose gold kind of person?

Choosing your accent color

  • When you go to the paint section at the hardware store, which color family do you gravitate to?

Neutrals, Reds, Yellows, Oranges, Blues, Greens or Purples

 Below the seasons are pantone swatches you can view to help you decide on a colors. Pantones are very useful in achieving a consistant color match across the board with all your wedding vendors. They provide a code that can be used for printed items such as invitation, favors and gifts. Also serving a reference guide for your florist and cake designer pantone swatches can be a valuable tool through your planning process. It is also helpful to have a fabric swatches of your wedding parties threads to bring to consultations with your wedding planner.

for a larger PANTONE swatch CLICK HERE

Your can enter the pantone code below into this pantone site to get a larger color swatch.

Inspiration Boards from Pinterest