Top 10 Wedding Trends to Look for in 2020!

 What is new for weddings this year?? Wedding designers, wedding publications and websites are making their predictions. Here are 10 frequently published 2020 trends and ideas for incorporating them into your wedding, no matter what your wedding style is!

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Trend # 1. Microweddings:  Small weddings are in.

Couples who choose to downsize the guest list will:

  •  Invite only closest family and friends for a more intimate setting.
  •  Invest their dollars in catering to their guests to make special memories for them.
  • Create magical experiences for their guests. They may not remember what the wedding decor looked like, but they will remember experiences they had there. Magicians, caricaturists, or other unexpected performers will be an unforgettable surprise.

 Trend # 2. Bring in the arts! 

Couples will be:

  • Bringing artists onsite to paint wedding scenes during their wedding and reception. 
  • Incorporating musicians such as harpists, violinists, pianists, or other musical artists into the ceremony.
  •  Hiring live bands or other entertainers to perform during the reception or after- party.
  •  Adding unique artistic elements to wedding stationery. 


Trend # 3.  Be eco-friendly!

Environmentally conscious couples will:

  •  Swap out plastic for paper.
  •  Use recycled paper or seed paper for their wedding papers.
  •  Share wedding day flowers after the event. Perhaps they will set up a wrapping station for guests to take flowers home or donate them to a hospice facility or nursing home.

Trend # 4.   Add pops of color!

After several years of neutral colors such as blush and champagne, color is making a comeback! Watch for these trending colors:

  •  Pantone’s color of the year:  classic blue, a blue that resembles the color of the sky at dusk
  • Purist slate blue
  • Greens ranging from neo-mint to sage
  • Purples from soft lavender to Cassis, a deep blend of purple and pink
  • Champagne yellow, or amber, with deep gold undertones
  • Cantaloupe, a light milky orange with pink undertones
  • For metallic accents, look for rose gold and copper.

 Trend # 5: Serve Memorable Cuisine!

What’s new in wedding fare this year? Look for:

  • Food as art. (Chefs not only make their food taste amazing, but take pride in making the presentation a work of art.) 
  • Heavily laden grazing tables (a space for finger foods like specialty cheeses, cured meats, dips, bread, crackers etc…that can be kept out for a period of time).
  •  Vegan meals for everyone, not just for special dietary considerations.
  •  Locally grown fresh produce.
  •  Late night wedding snacks of nostalgic comfort foods like grilled cheese or other foods that have  a sentimental meaning for the couple and are beautifully served. 
  • Signature cocktails. 

Trend # 6.  Bring in the Flowers: More is More!

Designers predict you will see:

  •  Lush greenery in décor and bouquets.
  •  Hanging floral arrangements and floral arches.
  • Hanging ivy, eucalyptus and magnolia leaf garlands as beautiful backdrops for ceremonies and  receptions.
  • Fluffy cascading bouquets with lots of greenery mixed in.
  • Flowers everywhere… In floral backdrops, draping across tables, hanging from above, running down aisles, adorning cakes, and even frozen in ice cubes (the pretty edible ones)! 

Trend # 7.  Make your wedding shine!

 Beautiful wedding details flourish under the proper lighting. Choose lighting that sets the vibe for your wedding:

  • Gorgeous chandeliers
  • Fairy lights mixed in with garland and drapes
  • Hanging string lights
  • Lighted trees
  • Disco balls
  • Neon signs for an unexpected pop! (A great backdrop for guest Instagram shots)

Trend # 8.  Show off the Cake!

   These cakes are trending this year:

  • The Naked Cake ( Unfrosted)
  •  The Almost Naked Cake ( Unfrosted Cake with a clear glaze or icing poured over it) 
  •  The Drip Cake (Unfrosted Cake with a Colored icing poured over the top and dripping down the sides)
  •  The Marbleized Cake (Beautiful cake in the color of your choice,  given a streaked or marblelike appearance)

Trend # 9:  Add Modern Elements!

Look for:

  • Metal geometrically shaped open framed arches for backdrops.
  •  Lucite or acrylic…Can be used with many wedding styles.  Use for seating charts, wedding signs, flower pedestals, cake stands, serving trays, and more, even heels on bride’s shoes.

Trend # 10: Make a fashion statement!

2020 brides will be wearing dresses with:

  •  3D lace, sequin and pearl embellishments on sleeves, bodices, and skirts
  •  Large bows sitting at the waistline or adorning the back of the dress.
  •  Statement dress backs with amazing details that will catch anyone’s eye.
  •  Intricate trains with customized embroidery, layers, or scallops.
  • Supersized veils or no veil at all! ( No veil?  Hairstyles will be accentuated with rhinestone or pearl studded barrettes or combs.)     

  To sum it all up, this year’s trends, in a single headline, would read:

 Wedding Trends: 2020! The year for YOU-NIQUE and UNFORGETTABLE! 

     Trends are defined as what is unique or popular at a certain point in time. Does that mean you should feel pressured to incorporate them into your wedding? Absolutely not! Your wedding day should be a reflection of who you are as a couple!  Make your wedding about YOU! Make it YOU-NIQUE!! It will be UNFORGETTABLE!

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