Vickie Brown owner of Victoria Belle Mansion and Vintage White Barn a Premier Wedding Venue, gives advice on having the perfect Barn Wedding.

Don’t Even Think About Having a Barn Wedding Without Reading This First

There’s so much more to planning a barn wedding besides choosing the perfect floral accents and farm-to-table fare. Hay allergies and extra generators, anyone?

There’s probably nothing more wedding-Instagram-worthy than a country wedding venue with a few animals and rustic details like hay bales. But nobody wants a photo op to turn into a full-blown allergy attack. “If animals are present, so are items such as hay and feed—along with animal smells—which can wreak havoc on anyone with allergies, especially if it’s the bride and groom,” Brown says.

If there are animals near or around the barn, do what you can to keep them in their own area so guests can go near them if they want (or not). Offering Benadryl in the bathroom baskets doesn’t hurt either! And if you’re going with cute hay bale seats for barn wedding, throw a few blankets over them. It’ll make seating more comfortable and help your guests’ allergies.

One more very important side note: Hay bales can easily become fire hazards, depending on how they’re stored. Check into the situation because, believe it or not, you might need a permit just to have hay bales at your barn wedding.