“Life is too short for boring dessert.”


A trend we’ve spotted is that in addition to a traditional wedding cake and groom’s cake, brides are choosing to add a dessert to please the appetites of their guests, and up the wow factor at their wedding!

So no, it doesn’t have to be another cake for the people who like unusual flavors. Yes, it can be whatever you’d like and still be classy and delicious!

Serve up some tasty creativity that your guests won’t soon forget.


1. Oh My Pie!
Can you say comfort food? This is for all my southern brides. Classic apple pie is a must. Pecan would be perfect in the Fall. Or, maybe your grandmother has a special recipe that could be your “something borrowed”!


2. Gourmet Doughnuts
Don’t write this one off too quickly. Doughnuts can be in a variety of flavors, cutely displayed, easy to transport, cost efficient, and are SO YUMMY.

Pro Tip: Stray away from the Donut Wall fad- it’s easier and more sanitary to display them on a cute tablescape.


3. Macarons
Like a little Parisian cafe in your mouth. Macaroons are trendy, colorful, and not your everyday treat.


4. Crepes
Ever been to a wedding where you didn’t have a lot of tasty options? Well, that wouldn’t be the case here. Fruit, honey, Nutella, even savory chicken crepes! The possibilities are deliciously endless.


5. Cotton Candy
This is for a fun loving bride. Yummy cotton candy can add pops of color to your wedding. Did you hear that you can even infuse alcohol into these things?!


6. Candy Bar
Choose what types best show you and your love’s personalities! Give your guest some variety, and even a goody bag for the trip home.


7. Waffles
Waffles are for morning, noon, and night. Cover them in syrup, fruit, whipped cream, whatever you fancy!


8. Cannolis
A Tuscan themed wedding can’t be complete without this irresistible treat. They’re delicious and beautiful. Can I put in an order for 10,000, please?


9. Chocolate Bar
Chocolate. Bar. Just give me all of it.


10. Yogurt Parfaits
This dessert keeps it light so you don’t have to feel heavy on the dance floor!


11. Dessert Pizza
Easy to serve, easy to eat, easy to looooove. I’ll probably go back for seconds.


12. Cake Pops
Adorable! Customize these to fit perfectly with your theme.


13. Gourmet Cookies
Yummy crowd pleaser. Decorate to your discretion!


See one you’re already craving for your own wedding?

Contact us at Victoria Belle Mansion and Vintage White Barn here to book your tour and complimentary consultation, let’s see how we can make your day sweeter!


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