What part of the wedding ceremony do you think gets the most camera clicks from the guests/audience?

Answer:  THE KISS

I have attended hundreds of wedding ceremonies in my job as a wedding coordinator. I have witnessed it time after time.  The guests know those traditional words that the officiant says just before the kiss, so the majority of on-lookers have their cameras ready for that very special part of the ceremony.

Now that you know what your guests are anticipating, you and your fiancé can consider what kind of kiss it will be.  Of course you want the kiss to be organic and heart-felt, but you can make this moment a fantastic experience for everyone, including yourself.

What kind of kiss will it be?  A peck on the lips, several little pecks on the lips, and the lip slide are options.  Will it be an open-mouthed kiss or a closed-mouth kiss? Will you use other body parts to enhance the experience? You can place your hands on your spouse’s face.  He can place is arms around your waist and give you a little dip. You can tilt your head a little or a lot to go in for that celebrated smack on the lips.

One aspect that you need to consider when contemplating your kiss is how long to hold your kiss.  Remember, many of your guests and your personal photographer will be taking pictures.  If you hold the kiss long enough for a few pictures to be taken, that would be marvelous, and much appreciated.  You will enjoy seeing those pictures, too.

The kind of kiss you choose will also depend on your comfort level for PDA.  You may also want to consider your guests’ comfort level for PDA.  Posted on social media I read comments about the couple’s kiss that said, “Tongues darting back in forth is just tacky”.  Another person commented that seeing a small peck makes it seem like the couple is not in love.  So you can see that the guests are paying close attention to that special kiss.

Maybe you and your fiancé could add practicing your KISS to your “To Do” list for the wedding.  How much fun would that be? You may come up with a sequence of movements…kiss, hug, look into each other’s eyes, and say “I love you”.  Whatever you decide to do, make sure it feels natural and you both are comfortable with it.