So you’re having a summer wedding!

  Summer brings around feelings of sentiment- warm nights with late sunsets, beach vacations, backyard parties, friends and families gathering for fun and quality time. And at other times, this season reminds us of it’s too-hot-to-breathe days, tired bodies, and sunburns. (Remember that SPF for the honeymoon!) 

We here at Victoria Belle are ready to throw out the summer wedding stigma, and let you know that you really can have the wedding you’ve always wanted in whatever season you please! 

Don’t sweat it, we have some tips to keep you and your guests cool and sunny! 



1. Fans are your friends. 

If your venue has industrial size fans (we do!) please use them. We promise, even if it’s an additional cost, your future bride-self will thank you for it. Anywhere that your guests will be lingering for 10 minutes+, give them some air! This may include an outdoor ceremony location, and at the reception- keeping everybody cooled off on the dance floor. We also suggest bringing your own mini fan to find some relief during photos, and while getting ready. You never know when you might need it! 

2. Mini refreshers. 

When your guests arrive, greet them with a little treat- whether a cool drink, a personalized paper fan, a fruity snack, or an electrical mini fan of their own! Keeping your guests stimulated is part of keeping them happy. Why not put your own summer twist into it? 

3. Dress a little less. 

This one’s for you. If you want sleeves on your gown like Kate Middleton, by all means do it. But maybe not when it’s 80-90 degrees out. When dress shopping, ask for lighter fabrics like chiffon, charmeuse, and georgette. Stray from heavy, winter fashions that are designed to keep you warm like taffeta and organza. You’ll thank us for it! 

4. Have an evening wedding. 

If you’re set on having your ceremony midday, make sure you have it indoors. Otherwise, the high noon heat won’t be too pleasant. We suggest pushing your ceremony time closer to sunset, or at least later in the day. This will help you avoid any glaring sun rays – or glaring guests! 

5. Keep the menu light.

We don’t mean to not feed your guests- we mean to keep the options light and refreshing. For example, instead of filet mignon, potatoes and pinot noir, what about salmon with salad and chardonnay? This will allow your guests to dance the night away with full but happy stomachs.  Also, consider some fun, fruity, signature cocktails! The possibilities are endless. 

We hope these summer wedding tips have helped make your planning a little sunnier! 


Do these tips inspire your own summer wedding? Let’s chat. Click here to get in touch with the Victoria Belle team. 



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