Victoria Belle Blog had the honor of interviewing a real life V-Belle Couple, Kendall and Brian! They’re set to wed on April 28, 2018.

Where did you meet, and was it love at first sight? 

Brian: We met at a conference in Nashville in 2007 [when we] were both second year’s in college through a mutual friend. We actually met there and didn’t see each other for a while because we went to two separate schools… For me I don’t think it was love at first sight, but for Kendall it may be different for her! But, I do remember her smile. I always say it was the thing that stuck out when we first met.

Kendall: I think for me it was the attraction at first sight. I remember meeting him, but we didn’t spend much time in conversation [then]. For me the love arrow struck a little bit later. In 2011, a friend of mine had gotten tickets to a big concert in Centennial park in downtown Atlanta and said that I needed to bring a guy. I knew I wanted to ask Brian but I was very, very nervous. I asked him and he said “yeah”! After, [the concert] we went across to the CNN center to get some food, sat there for two and a half hours learning about each other.. for me that was that moment.

What was one of your favorite parts about dating and getting to know each other? 

Brian: One thing we learned throughout dating is that we really do like adventure. We love seeking out those opportunities in the outdoors. We’re huge outdoors fans, whether it’s hiking, running around Piedmont Park in Atlanta, [that] blossomed into the weekend long camping, backpacking trips, and eventually went international. We’ve always had this desire to have adventure with one another.

I see that you love to travel! What’s one romantic trip you’d recommend? 

Kendall: For me, I think the most romantic place was when we took a trip down to Mexico, we started in Cancun and then went down to Playa del Carmen, where it was more remote than busy-touristy. They had a cute town where you could spend time walking around and exploring new, street foods.

Who was the one who brought up marriage first? 

Kendall: When we were dating, it was more of an ongoing discussion. Every few months we’d have this, “Are we still in this? Is this still the direction we want to go?” We were building to something more, we always talked about the next steps.

So Brian, tell us how you popped the question! 

Brian: Kendall was on spring break and had to stop in Atlanta in March 2017. So when she got in, I told her we were going to go to the park. We started driving, but ended up at her hair dresser where I had set her up an appointment. Then going north of Atlanta, we drove an hour before she looked in the backseat and noticed luggage. I had packed everything she needed for the weekend. We ended up in Nashville, the place where we first met. I told her that we were going hiking! We walked around a lake and came to a pavilion. I gave my speech, got on one knee and asked her!

How soon did you start planning after the engagement?

Kendall: Well, officially or unofficially? I think unofficially I had been thinking about it for a year and a half! I immediately started doing research, but officially, about a month after [the engagement].

What was the first thing you checked off your list? 

Kendall: The venue and date.

You’ve chosen to have Victoria Belle Mansion as your wedding venue. What about the venue was so attractive? 

Kendall: Vickie! I talked to her on the phone and was like, “this place is high on my list”. Brian went and actually did the first visit. Then my mom and I visited, I think everybody walked away knowing that this was the spot. What struck me the most about Vickie was how excited she was for Brian and I, our love, and getting to know us. We spent most of the time talking about us and our vision, and less about selling us on the venue itself. We really built a bond that gave me confidence that no matter what happens over the year of planning, we would have a really special relationship with Vickie.

What was one favorite feature of yours that really set apart Victoria Belle from other venues? 

Brian: It’s like there’s multiple venues in one. There’s the mansion, which is beautiful and historical, but then you go inside and there’s the details of the stairwell, piano, things like that. Outside, there’s this entire porch and water fountain. That really drew us to it because we like the outdoors and [we could see] cocktail hour being there. Then it goes into the barn that has this total rustic feel, which is the them of our wedding- rustic elegance. It’s like you get so many different elements in one venue.


What would you say is the biggest challenge of the wedding planning process so far? 

Kendall: The hardest part is being in Seattle, and doing the planning long distance.

What has been the easiest part?

Kendall: The best part has been learning about which parts of the wedding are most important to one another.

Has choosing to be a Platinum Package (All-inclusive) wedding taken any stress off of the planning? 

Kendall: Absolutely. That was such a big part, especially being away and planning this. Having one central point of contact for everything really made things significantly easier. Each person that we met with, from flowers, menu, to cake, they all wanted our own personal touch on it.

What would you say to a couple considering Victoria Belle as their wedding venue?

Brian: Do it! I think one thing we were big on was doing our research on all the venues. But when it came to Victoria Belle, it was Vickie and her personality, attention to detail, and drive to make that day special for us.

Kendall: Make sure to visit! I follow Victoria Belle on Instagram, and the photos are beautiful, but there is nothing like seeing it in person. From the time you walk on the property, your senses are on a high.

What are you most excited for on your wedding day? 

Brian: I’m most excited to see Kendall. And to see it all come together after 9 months of planning, and seeing family and friends come together.

Kendall: I’m definitely most excited to walk down the aisle and see Brian at the other end. For me, that’s the kickoff. Everything leads up to that moment. From then on, it’s a party! 

Thank you for choosing Victoria Belle as your host for your wedding day. We pray all the best for your big day, and every day hereafter. 


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