Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

Things to consider:

  1. Venue with Indoor seating/location to relax or heating for outdoor spaces
  2. How does the venue look in the month you are considering?
  3. Consider florals that are in season
  4. A color palette  (see below)
  5. Food – if it is going to be cold….. Make selections that are fabulous for cold weather (see below)Will be PART 2 of FUN FALL WEDDING IDEAS ……to post soon
  6. Guest gifts – If your ceremony is going to be outside consider getting throws or shawls for the women
  7. Fall Spirits for the Cocktail Hour
  8. Unique Fall Décor Ideas (see below)

Here  are just some of the popular fall colors. Choose colors that reflect your style and tastes.

Greys and Blues are extra popular this year. This is one of our weddings this past year that used them.


When planning your food selections for the reception and cocktail hour keep in mind the weather. For example, fish and seafood are wonderful in the winter months, vs. summer when it is so hot that the shrimp & salmon taste fishy by the time it get’s to your guests mouths! So take advantage of the cool crisp air and cooler temperature.

Hardy foods like soups and sliders are excellent choices to add to your fall/winter wedding menu.


Here are just a few sites that have yummy fall selections:

This mess is ours always has amazing and healthy food!

Some of her SOUPS

Curried Tomato


Roasted Red Pepper



Camilla Styles

Crisy Salmon with Watermelon Mint Salsa

Tuna Ceviche

Hawaiian Smashed Burgers