Another tradition for millennials to ponder for your wedding ceremony…

When to have the first look

As a very significate part of any wedding, and wedding photos, the timing of your first look is an important decision to make.

There are multiple reasons for having the first look before your ceremony. One of the most obvious reasons for before the ceremony first look is the photos.  If you schedule a time for your first look with your photographer and your wedding planner, you can get some amazing pictures.  Your photographer can shoot a sequence of pictures of you and your fiancé as the first look is taking place. The photographer is able to get pictures that may otherwise have been missed if the first look takes place during your ceremony.

The first look can be quite emotional for some couples.  Having your first look before the ceremony allows the couple an intimate experience to laugh, cry, kiss, hug, and just be.   Sometimes the couple invites their parents and/or wedding party to join in this private celebration. With all these wonderful feelings, there is bound to be a few tears shed.  The couple will have time to freshen-up, reapply make-up, and any other touch-ups before the ceremony when the first look takes place before the ceremony.

If you prepare to do a pre-ceremony first look, you can plan to do the first look at a specific location that is different from your ceremony site. Here at Victoria Belle Mansion and Vintage White Barn we have numerous beautiful sites for taking your first look photos.  Some couples have photos inside our mansion venue.  Some couples take their photos in and around the rustic barn.  The cascading waterfall is a popular wedding location for the first look.

Many photographers advocate a pre-ceremony first look to make better use of time.  Once the couple have seen each other in their ceremony attire and have had their private time of celebrating their first look, then they can continue taking photographs as a couple. The couple can usually complete the majority of wedding party and immediate family photos before the ceremony begins.  This allows for more time to visit with your guests at your reception.  The photographer will have the opportunity to do more candid shots with you and your guests during your reception.

If you decide to wait until the ceremony for your first look, the photographer will take a series of photos that do not require the couple to be present.  Traditionally these photos are of the groom with the wedding party, the groom with his family, the bride with the wedding party, and the bride with her family. Then after the ceremony the photographs with the newlyweds will be taken.

As you discuss your options for your first look with your fiancé, your friends, and your family, you can decide if the pre-ceremony first look is for you.