Choosing bridesmaid for your wedding

Your partner finally popped the question, you said “yes”. You post that special moment on all of your social media and all of your friends are so buoyant for you, but what are they really thinking?

They are thinking, “I hope she chooses me to be by her side on the wedding day!” With all the pressure of who will be your bridesmaids for your special day…don’t forget to give extra thought to your expectations for your bridesmaids. Here are some tips from Victoria Belle to help you find the perfect bridesmaids.



Think about who will be capable of tending to different aspects of helping with your wedding.

 When planning a wedding, it is clear that there are many parts that a single person cannot complete alone. It is very important that you find the people that are going to take care of the tasks that you are giving to them. Things such as: recording who gives what gifts at an engagement party, planning a bachelorette party, or even, most importantly, making sure you, the bride, has the least amount of stress on your wedding day.


Think about the girls in your life that make you genuinely happy.

There are some friends that have positivity radiating off of them at all times. That is exactly what you need on your wedding day.  With all of the overwhelming details that come with putting on a wedding you will need a friend that will give you a good laugh. Remember that your happiness is key during your wedding day, and surrounding yourself with genuine people will make the day and everything leading up to it a lot easier. With positivity and optimism around, your inner bridezilla will not have to make an appearance at your wedding!


Set expectations

When asking the girls who you think will fit the part to be your bridesmaids, set expectations to let them know the responsibility they are taking on. Some expectations include: suggesting that they check their calendars to be positive that they will have time to not only attend the wedding, but all of the things that lead up to the wedding, another one includes making sure that their main focus is you and what you want for the wedding, or even make sure your friend has a balanced budget for your parties, dresses, and your wedding. Some may decline, knowing that they cannot take that on, but that will give you an honest count of who will be able to fulfill the expectations of future “bridesmaids”.

Your perfectly picked bridesmaids might even be able to celebrate you at Victoria Belle!

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AUTHOR: Charleigh Addair

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