Wedding Day Considerations


Have you thought about what will make your wedding day, your day? Have you thought about how to get your signature ideas and plans implemented? Have you given thought to the rules of etiquette for weddings? Today we are going to dive into five details you should consider early on in your planning process to keep everything running smoothly! 

  1. THE VOWS–Private, Public, or both

Vows are a very intimate part of a wedding and some couples want their vows to be private. The emotions of the moment can freely flow.  There isn’t a time constraint for stopping and wiping tears. A private vow time allows for extra hugs and kisses while the vows are being stated. Doing vows privately is not a traditional wedding rule, but many couples do this to keep that moment between each other. Some couples want the traditional vow reading to be done in front of the guests as a time to show the guest the love that has brought you to your wedding day.

However there is nothing wrong with doing both.


Unplugged weddings are very popular these days! The couple decides that they want everyone at the wedding to be present with no distraction, no posting, no pictures, and more “being in the moment”. This option is immensely popular and you would still have all of your great photos from the photographer! There is a bit of thought that would go into this idea, because some guests may absolutely need their phone to be in touch with kids, other family, or work. Once you decide how you will finalize this plan, your unplugged night can begin! Weddings where phones are allowed are also very popular, because the guest can give congrats on social media or even just take candids the photographer might miss. Regardless, this is your choice!

3. Dress Code

Will you assign your guests a dress code?  Suggesting a dress code to your guests is very popular at most weddings! Some couples decide that they want a black tie wedding, some dress codes lean towards the casual/semi-formal look. Your dress code may be directly tied to the location of the wedding. It can also be tied to your wedding theme.  But most of all, it is your preference that dictates the dress code. Think about where your wedding is and what is appropriate to the theme if you decide to take this route. Some couples also give their guests the upper-hand in this situation. Elaborating that they wear what makes them comfortable! Tip – If you do go this route, make sure no one else is wearing white if that is what you wish!


Some couples decide on a dry wedding, because being present on your special day is very important. Couples and their guests decide to stay sober during their day in order to keep peace and presence alive. Some couples, on the other hand, really enjoy letting loose after their ceremony. Family and friends can have a few drinks and as the night progresses, the party really starts! To answer this question, think about how you would want to celebrate a milestone! Would you like to have a few beers or glasses of wine with friends, or commemorate the path that brought you here with friends and family in a more serious way


This consideration can be very difficult. Friends and family will have to go out of their way for a babysitter for the night, and you really would not want to hassle them. Remember, it is not about what your guests want, it is all about you and your partner. If having an absence of kids at your wedding is what you want, graciously add that requirement to the invitation. If you do want kids at your wedding, hurray! They will be present! One other nugget of wisdom, ask your wedding planner for advice on having children at the reception versus an adult only reception.

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