Asking the big question

Valentine’s day is a day of celebrating couples, love, and romance. We often find ourselves standing in the candy isle trying to remember our partner’s favorite sweets, glaring at flowers, trying to pick the right ones, or maybe even at the jeweler, finding the perfect ring.  This time of the year can provide a couple with many date nights consisting of dinner dates, watching movies by the fire, or even a weekend getaway. With the love flowing through many relationships during valentines, this could be the perfect time to ask the big question. “Will you marry me?”

With the romance of valentine’s day at our fingertips, we see the magic of starting a life with our partner, but the stress of everyday life can make it hard to make big changes. Proposing during valentines is a big deal, but how should you go about popping the question? Here are some tips for a successful and beautiful proposal during this magical time.




            When a proposal is around the corner, family involvement is very important. Asking for blessings turns into getting help from family to plan the proposal, the question is, what does your partner want? Does your partner want an proposal with family present? Does your partner want the proposal to be intimate with family time after? These are big questions to consider when planning this magical day for you and your partner. To make this decision easier, think about how your partner likes to spend special moments in your relationship. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Does my partner enjoy spending an anniversary: at home, on a trip, or with a group at dinner?
  • How does my partner enjoy celebrating  birthdays?
  • Who would my partner want to see during or after the proposal?
  • Is your partner an extrovert or more on the introverted side?

These questions will allow you to think about how your partner wants to spend the day, but it is your engagement as well, so keep your wants in mind while planning for the special day.




After painting the picture for the perfect proposal, you must plan the day. Do you need a reservation? A photographer? A florist? There are many things that go into preparing for this perfect proposal, but there is a way to make the workload easier. Ask for help! Family and friends want to help make this day awesome for you and your partner!  Ask your partner’s family members or friends to arrange for the photographer or pick up the flowers to take some of the work load off yourself.


Valentine’s day is the most romantic day of the year, so go ahead, pop the question! By using these simple tips, a marriage proposal does not have to be stressful, it should be a time of overwhelming love between you and your partner. Paint your picture of the perfect day and ask for help. Keep your needs and wants as well as your partner’s needs and wants in mind and enjoy quality time spent together as you pop the big question!

“When your partner says “yes,”

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PHOTO CREDIT: Grapefruit Photo & Wildheart Visuals 

AUTHOR: Charleigh Adair

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